What Happens When Your Tires are Unbalanced?


Making sure that the tires on your vehicle are correctly balanced will provide you with a smoother ride.  When a car’s tires and wheels are out of balance and alignment the car not only rides rough, but becomes hard to handle, creating situations that could affect the safety of you and your passengers.  Many people are learning how to fix their vehicle’s smaller problems at home, this saves money and is a great way to learn just a bit more about your own vehicle and cars in general.

An unbalanced cooper tire must work harder for you to get where you are going, must work harder to keep you on the road, and therefore may wear unevenly as a result.  Evidence of this wear can be seen by the naked eye, so inspect your tires for signs such as flat or bald spots on the tread of each tire.  Weights are installed at the same time your tires are mounted and if you notice that some of those weight are missing you may experience balance issues.  While driving your vehicle, some indications that the balance is out of whack, is what happens when you put on the brakes.

If your car pulls in one direction or the other, this may mean the tires not in balance, but it may also just mean that the air pressure is low.  A good way to keep this in check, aside from your own inspections, is to have the rotated about every three thousands miles and this is cheap.  Tires will benefit from this inexpensive practice, and when you think of the expense of replacing your tires, or the expense of being involved in an accident as a result, the cost of rotated the tires becomes relative.  When you do have your tires replaced, check them frequently for signs of wear, as if you catch those signs earlier enough, your tire retailer will take care of the expense of fixing them for you and properly balancing them in the process.


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